Paratrike / paramotor flight over the beach

Here the young lady is enjoying the pleasure of watching the sunset while flying over the beach.

Voar de paramotor / ulm Praia Grande, Algarve

Flight on Falésia beach, Albufeira

At Falésia beach there is the possibility to pass the commands to the passenger or future student. This zone is conducive to interactivity with friends who are on the ground. It is a flight with more pleasant temperatures in both winter and summer. Here we can land on the beach or on the top of the cliff.

Voo parapente na praia da Falésia

Imaginative photos.

When the passengers are relaxed and have imagination, the photos and videos are very beautiful. The freedom that passengers / students have to place the camera as they want and as they please allows them unique photos that only paragliding allows to take.

Fotografias bonitas de parapente

Paragliding for any age.

Anyone can fly paragliding between the ages of 10 and 120. Passengers with some reduced mobility can also fly, in which case they must contact us first for more information. If you are afraid of heights or vertigo, you should come flying paragliding because you will feel that these types of fears cease to exist when you start flying paragliding.

parapente para qualquer idade

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