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Paragliding and paramotor where to fly

Fly paragliding with motor over the beach.

voar-paratrike-parapente com motor-algarveThe paramotor flight (trike), is a different flight from paragliding (free flight). With the trike, the flights are made in zones that do not exist thermal nor ascendants dynamic. Everyone can take a teaching flight to understand the differences between free flight and paramotor and thus decide what they like. In free flight there is no noise and our propulsion is the force of thermals or dynamic ascents unlike the paramotor that uses the motor as a form of propulsion.

Paragliding and paramotor course

parapente-praia-algarveIn this month of January we are starting a paragliding and paramotor course. For all those interested in taking the course we are offering the first lesson. To do this simply contact us by email or mobile phone and mark the first lesson. For this lesson we provide all the necessary paragliding equipment so just show up at the instructional location willing to learn.
Contact by e-mail or by telephone.

What can flyalgarve organize?

tandem-parapente-falesiaThe Flyalgarve can organize from a simple paragliding pedagogic flight to relax and try out this sport, passing a party of friends, bachelor party, birthday gift, company / office party or even for A group of tourists who enjoy different experiences. Flyalgarve has partnered with various extreme sports companies to do radical activities together. Contact us to organize your party or socializing.

Where can fly (local) paragliding?

voar-parapente-algarve The usual places of flight are in Cerro Cabeça de Camara county of Loulé and Praia da Falésia in Albufeira. In Cerro Cabeça de Camara we make a thermodynamic flight that consists of ascending with ascending (thermal) and dynamic air more in the afternoon when there is no thermals due to the cooling of the earth. On the cliff of Albufeira is dynamic flight. In this place the flight is with lower altitude which allows more interactivity with who is on the beach or on the cliff.

Who can fly paragliding?

Anyone can try flying in paragliding, male or female, weighing between 30 kg and 100 kg. People with height phobia (vertigo) should also experience the paragliding pedagogic flight. Are curious to know what it's like to jump off paragliding, come fly with the flyalgarve accredited instructors / instructors (Espiral school).

What to do in the Algarve outside the beaches?

parapente-praia-algarveIf you are on vacation in the Algarve and want to do some different activity during the holidays you should try the pedagogical paragliding flight. You will have the possibility of seeing the Algarve in a different and unforgettable way. In addition to the pleasure of flying, you will also get the memorabilia recorded in video and photos of that moment. The flyalgarve has the possibility to organize a different and unforgettable holiday day with different activities, such as paragliding, all-terrain excursion through the Algarve, Stand Up Paddle, Karting all-terrain, paintball, all-terrain bike (MTB), etc. .

When can you fly paragliding?

The paragliding flight depends a lot on the weather, so the instructor will make an analysis of the weather two days in advance of the date you want to fly. The usual time is from 9 am to the end of the afternoon (18 hours) as long as there are flight conditions.

Why try paragliding?

To experience flying like the birds? The paragliding (tandem, bilugar) flight is ideal. You will only feel the wind in your hair and the feeling of freedom. The beautiful landscapes in the algarve provide a pleasant sensation of pleasure. During the flight, the instructor / monitor informs what is a thermal, what happens when one enters the thermal and when it leaves the thermal, shows the swallows to look for food inside the thermal. When the go is dynamic, it explains why you are flying dynamically. When flight conditions allow the instructor / monitor can pass the wing controls to the passenger feel the experience of flying the paraglider.

For more information or clarification do not hesitate to contact us.